What Is Art?


Is art limited to just music, painting, poetry, etc.? That is, the things that normally come to mind when we think of “art”? Or is the scope of art broader? Indeed, it is (in my opinion) much, MUCH, broader… In fact, I happen to believe that it encompasses a whole realm of activities in the world including (but not limited to) entrepreneurship, mathematics, physics, programming, etc.

What is art specifically? How do you define it? Well, regardless of the means employed to make the art, the end result from the artistic process is just subjective expression. That is art; a subjective expression.

Even though mathematics is formal and logical (clearly nothing close to subjective in a traditional sense), the PROCESS of manipulating mathematical equations IS an art. Every mathematician does it differently, and thus each is capable of composing vastly different theoretical frameworks.

Even though entrepreneurs start a business to provide value for others in return for a profit, the WAY they provide value, the PROCESS of starting the business, the ingenious METHODS they use cut costs and lower prices, and the STRATEGIES employed for keeping up with the ever changing times in order to constantly provide value while at the same time staying profitable; THAT is art.

Even though business transactions involve the exchange of money, the transaction itself IS art. BOTH sides engage in a voluntary transaction, and BOTH sides benefit; the consumer valuing the good/service more than the money, and the business valuing the profit more than the good/service (otherwise no transaction would take place at all). Isn’t it a work of art that people can come together from all over the world to provide goods and services & consumers can find exactly what they’re looking for? Value is created and enjoyed by BOTH parties. And isn’t one of the purposes of artistic work the ability to make you feel good?

Einstein was an artist. Steve Jobs was an artist. Google is a vast network of artists; their toolkits just happen to be lines of computer code, rather than, say, strings on an instrument.

Art is a subjective expression. But “subjective expression” is just another way of saying: “Hey, you over there, this is me.” Art is just an external representation of your being (what you are and what you do). As such, there are no boundaries to what can be called art.

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