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McKinsey on Disciplined Innovation

McKinsey Insights has a great article on the art of Disciplined Innovation. A cogent excerpt from the article below highlights the importance of simple constraints in fostering successful innovation. Simple rules/constraints can apply to organizations undergoing small iterative innovative processes, as well as large scale disruptive innovation.   “How, then, can organizations embrace a more disciplined approach to innovation? One productive approach is to apply a few simple rules to key steps in the innovation process. Simple rules add just enough structure to help organizations avoid the stifling bureaucracy of too many rules and the chaos of none at all.

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The Limits of Categorization

There is no one specific way to categorize things. That is the underlying premise of this EconTalk podcast with David Weinberger. In the podcast, Russ Roberts (the host) and David Weinbeger discuss that, as humans, we tend to gravitate towards an intellectual box model of organization; we tend to try to place things into their respective “boxes”. We do this because we categorize things intellectually just as we would categorize things in the physical world. But, as Roberts points out, what happens if more than one thing can go in more than one box, or when one thing can go

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