My 2015 New Years Resolutions

Below are some of my resolutions for the upcoming year. I’m pretty excited to close out 2014, but at the same time, the year flew by too quickly… Regardless, I’m eager to start another, with a fresh perspective, and I’m going to really try to make a concerted effort to be mindful and present in each moment. Time just flies by too fast.

I hope everyone has an amazing, positive, and fulfilling year.


2015 Motto

  • Think big, ask better questions & get more specific in my goals (& in my thinking in general), push my comfort zone, be mindful and always present, stop reacting and start responding (i.e. stop merely “reacting” to whatever happens in life and start taking initiative in choosing how you respond).


  • Revisit goals every Sunday to stay on track (and revise as necessary)
  • Meditate every morning after waking up for 15 minutes minimum
  • Visit family and close friends on East Coast at least twice, and for extended periods of time
  • Replace negative mental feedback loops with positive mental feedback loops
  • Ruthlessly adhere to morning and evening rituals…
  • Morning: Meditate, Write, Review the day’s “To-Do”
  • Night: Spec out next morning’s routine, and spec out next day’s “To-Do”, then wind down by reading either a) fiction, or b) non-fiction that’s not mentally engaging


  • Walk once a day for 1 hour at minimum
  • Fast once a month (24 hours minimum, 40 hours maximum)


  • Improve saving strategy
  • Be ruthless about cutting unnecessary costs


  • Finish solo album
  • Start 3rd business (i.e. a scalable product)


  • Volunteer (more than once) to perform music for hospice patients
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