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Dr. Rhonda Patrick On Cell Metabolism, Cancer, And More…

I recently listened to this podcast between Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution and one of my favorite nutrition researchers, and Dr. Rhonda Patrick, founder of Found My Fitness and yet another one of my favorite researchers. It was a great discussion about a wide variety of topics mostly revolving around cell metabolism. I’ve included a summary of the key points discussed below. Summary & Key Points: For healthy cellular function and healthy aging in general, you need metabolic flexibility Once a cell acquires so much damage to the genome, it becomes glycolytic The act of becoming glycolytic does not cause

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An Evolutionary Perspective On Macronutrient Profiles – A Case For Low Carb, Low Fat, and High Protein?

A thought experiment (and ONLY a thought experiment): If you think about it, when do we typically encounter something in this universe (in nature, or in the modern world) that requires a storage mechanism? Typically when the thing we encounter, the input, is rare, or when we anticipate that in the future, it will be rare or it will most likely be needed (an analogy is saving money in a bank)… Mother nature gave us storage mechanisms for things that were rarely encountered or for the anticipation that in the future, these stored things would most likely be needed. We

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