Practical Tips For Dealing With “The Downs”

I experience many ups and downs, some to varying degrees; some severe, some not so severe. I’m not weird or different. I’m not bi-polar. I’m not [insert fancy ridiculously contrived term that social scientists (i.e., psychologists) invent to describe mental conditions they don’t understand]. I’m normal. Every human experiences ups and downs. And some people experience different ranges of ups and downs. This depends on many factors; your genetics, your environment, and your attitude in general. But I’m not going to write a discourse on why you experience ups and downs. I am going to give you a few tips for dealing with them when they occur. They’ve helped me, and hopefully they can help you…

1) Read more. I’m significantly convinced (beyond a reasonable doubt) that reading can cure any and all depression.

2) Stock up for “winter” (i.e., the “downs”). Stockpile an arsenal so you are ready to experience the downs whenever they occur. Make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished, all the great experiences you’ve had, etc., and review it. Place your favorite quotes around your house or workplace. Actively see yourself succeeding in the future. Actively see yourself being happy, doing fun things, or whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do. The power of visualization is very well known, but incredibly underappreciated…

2a) Transcend your emotions. Always remember, it’s going to get better, it has to… it’s a law of nature, simple physics. Weather the storm.

3) If you are a workaholic, TAKE BREAKS. If you are a sloth, GET OFF YOUR ASS. Just as night becomes day, and day becomes night, our internal chemistries are locked in step with circadian cycles. It is essential to play by Mother Nature’s rules. Go to sleep at night, don’t stay up all night every night working or partying. Likewise, don’t be a sloth all day. If you weren’t already aware, we also have ultradian rhythms… so, it would behoove you throughout the day to take sporadic breaks.

3a) Become “anti-fragile”. Force yourself everyday to do something you wouldn’t normally do. Have a new experience. Break away from your traditional routine.

4) Kick your sugar dependency. Sugar is literally a poison at the doses we currently consume.

5) Meditate. Experience the awesomeness that is

6) Check out the cosmic calendar. Always remember you are a tiny ant in this mammoth universe.

7) Always help others. When you help others, the universe will help you.

8) Always help yourself. You need to be able to help yourself before you can help others.

9) Remember your ancestors. Our very distant ancestors had a much tougher time than you do. Yet they survived. We no longer have to be afraid that a saber tooth tiger is going to eat us. Likewise, our not so distant ancestors experienced horrific oppression of all types. Yes life is still very tough, but it could always be worse.

10) Read more. I repeated this on purpose.

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4 replies on “Practical Tips For Dealing With “The Downs””

David – Such incredibly good advice! How did you get so wise as such a young age? Very impressive. I think I’ll print and post this for myself, because as you note, everyone does have highs and lows, and this is a checklist to have handy. I love the ‘anti-fragile’ advice (as a 50- something person, I can attest that is an important one). Actually, they are all quite valid and I doubt I could have made a better list. Hey – Post this to FB or I will. P.S. Ditto on the reading…

Thank you Jan, I’m glad you enjoyed :) You should check out the “Anti-fragile” book, it’s one of my favorites. You’d enjoy it.

Dave, this is good stuff & very helpful! Definitely applicable to anybody, including this stay-at-home mama who wants/dreams of pursuing many creative goals. I think I tend to the sloth side of things…taking your GET OFF YOUR ASS advice today!

Hope you are well, friend!!

Thanks Laura, I’m glad it helped. I also tend to fall on the sloth side of things…

Please keep me posted on any of the creative goals you end up pursuing, I’d love to hear about what you end up doing. I hope you guys are well!

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