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Living Paleo: 2 Years and Counting…

I’ve been on The Paleo Diet for 2 years now and I’ve never felt better in my life. I’ve noticed significant improvements in my overall mood, energy levels, and mental focus. Aside from that, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. What’s more is that these changes took place relatively soon after I started eating Paleo, and while they occurred quickly, they’ve also been developing over time. For those who don’t know, The Paleo Diet (in short) advocates consuming protein, vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats, and avoiding carbs and sugars (bread, pasta, flour, rice, candy, etc.). The reasoning

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Michelangelo And You

Michelangelo said his talent was in revealing. He would see a block of stone, determine what it was, and chip away to reveal it. You are a block of stone. In life, you chip away to sculpt your true, idealized self. This self as an end isn’t achievable, and it shouldn’t be since nothing is perfect. But as life progresses, you chip away towards this vision. You can’t help but do it. You feel compelled to. As you’re chipping away though, every time you aren’t your true self, every time you aren’t in control of your outlook, every time you

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The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Exhaustive Reading

The benefits of going into a book completely, of being completely absorbed by it: …you absorb everything in the authors mind, their way of life, patterns of thinking (how they arrive to certain conclusions, their mental shortcuts, etc.) character, outlook, disposition, mental modes/frameworks… That is to say, reading in this way gives you a new lens with which to view the world. It can help you to open your eyes and experience new/alternate patterns of thinking that might not have been possible before. This is obviously a good thing, and mainly for some of the following reasons: 1) you gain

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Quotes On Creativity, #1

Below is a link to a post on my music website that contains some sourced quotes on creativity and the creative process. I’ll be getting into a habit of posting sourced quotes categorized by topic. Enjoy! http://www.daveberrymusic.com/blog/sourced-quotes-1-creativity/

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What Is Art?

Is art limited to just music, painting, poetry, etc.? That is, the things that normally come to mind when we think of “art”? Or is the scope of art broader? Indeed, it is (in my opinion) much, MUCH, broader… In fact, I happen to believe that it encompasses a whole realm of activities in the world including (but not limited to) entrepreneurship, mathematics, physics, programming, etc. What is art specifically? How do you define it? Well, regardless of the means employed to make the art, the end result from the artistic process is just subjective expression. That is art; a

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Free Market

The Beauty of Google

The following is a passage from Kevin Kelly’s book “New Rules for the New Economy”, a powerhouse of a book to say the least… “So tremendous is the fount of plentitude in the network economy that having to deal with nearly infinite choices and mushrooming possibilities may be the limiting factor in the future. Navigating sanely through an expanding ocean of options is already difficult. The typical supermarket in America offers 30,000 to 40,000 products. The average shopper will zoom through the store in 21 minutes, and select out of those 40,000 choices about 18 items. This is an amazing

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The “No Excuses” Equation

You have…  168 hours in a week -40 hours for day job = 128 hours left over -56 hours for sleep (8 hours/night) = 72 hours left over -21 hours for breakfast (1 hour/day), lunch (1 hour/day), and dinner (1 hour/day) = 51 hours left over -14 hours for relaxation (2 hours/day) = 37 hours left over -5 hours for showering/getting ready for day job (1 hour per day) = 32 hours left over -5 hours commuting time (1 hour/day to and from work total) = 27 HOURS TO TACKLE YOUR REAL WORK/GOALS DURING WEEK If your profession/day-job isn’t in

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You Can’t Know Everything

We are constantly searching for an explanation for our existence, as if this explanation would be the solution to all of our problems. There is a group of physicists that are searching for (and believe in) a Theory of Everything. A theory that would explain the entire inner workings of the universe, predict the future, and more. There are plenty of people that believe that there is a simple answer for everything, when in reality the world is infinitely complex. There ARE simple answers in certain domains, but not in others. There are simple answers in the Gaussian domain of

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Who’s Smart and Who’s Stupid?

Who’s Stupid? I’m stupid. You’re stupid. That other guy is stupid. Who’s smart? You + Me, we’re smart. Who’s even smarter than that? You + Me + That other guy… assuming that we’re working together of course. That’s the beauty of sports, and of teams in general, be it a team of entrepreneurs, employee’s, friends… anyone working towards a common goal. Just look at Wikipedia. But, You + Me, even if we aren’t working together, we can be smarter than our normal respective selves. I’m smarter than my average self (alone) if I’m in a debate with someone that disagrees

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The Limits of Categorization

There is no one specific way to categorize things. That is the underlying premise of this EconTalk podcast with David Weinberger. In the podcast, Russ Roberts (the host) and David Weinbeger discuss that, as humans, we tend to gravitate towards an intellectual box model of organization; we tend to try to place things into their respective “boxes”. We do this because we categorize things intellectually just as we would categorize things in the physical world. But, as Roberts points out, what happens if more than one thing can go in more than one box, or when one thing can go

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